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$3 per person

  • Curry Soup
  • Wild Mushroom Soup
  • Thai curry noodle
  • Wonton Soup
  • Pork, beef and spinach in a clear broth


$4.25 side $11.95 meal

  • Asian salad with toasted almond and sesame dressing
  • Seven Grain Salad
  • Southwest taco salad (meat or vegetarian)
  • Niscoise
  • Asian Salad rolls
  • Creamy curry lobster pasta salad $6.25 side $13.95 meal

**Note…when ordering salads please express whether or not you would like a side or a meal**


  • Beef Dip $12
  • Chicken/ sausage pot pie $7
  • Chilli with a bread roll $7
  • Sheppard’s pie $7
  • Pepper Steak on basmati rice $9
  • Chicken lollies nestled in creamy gorgonzola sauce $7
  • Yellow or red curry chicken on rice (vegetarian option available) $8
  • Tri coloured essay writer kabobs (chicken or beef) $11
  • Butter chicken on basmati rice $8
  • Pineapple chickens stir fry over rice $8
  • Slow roasted ribs (dry rub or BBQ sauce) $11
  • Bread stuffed pork chops $10
  • Paella $9
  • Philly cheese steak sandwich $10.

Gourmet Burgers/ Sliders $11

  • Maui Burger-pork burger with grilled pineapple
  • Mediterranean -stuffed with feta and olives topped with fresh onions
  • Mozza Burger – 100% all beef patty with a molten mozza center
  • Canadiana – Canadian cheddar and maple bacon
  • Greek Goddess -lamb burger with tzatziki
  • Turkey Burger with cranberry spread
  • Southwest- all beef patty topped with avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and chipotle sauce

(all burgers available in slider size)

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